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Summer Update and Invitation: Coleman Hawkins Park Input Session

Greetings community members. It's been a busy summer! This summer, Main Street Saint Joseph has been continuing our work to facilitate communication between, and a shared vision across Downtown organizations . We strive to bring together, on a regular and recurring basis, the individuals who are working daily to make Downtown Saint Joseph a better place in the areas of Design, Economic Vitality, Promotion and Organization .  Our goal has not been to create the path forward, but to help articulate, support, and publicize the path most desired by the community members who live, work and play in Downtown.  Here are some things we've been working on this summer: Two task forces comprised of community members, leaders and stakeholders met monthly to determine next steps in the areas of Business & Residential Development and Cultural Identity for Downtown. The task forces disbanded this summer, as planned, after meeting their objectives. They   recommended four Sub-Committees a

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